Deserving & Receiving Process MP3

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Includes a 20 Minutes guided visual and energetic process with inspiring and uplifting music backing.

The Deserving and Receiving Process is a special spiritual process. It has been divinely given to Elizabeth as an essential tool to connect you with a higher loving intelligence and infinite power we might call luminous consciousness. The process is essentially an antidote to limiting inner beliefs of being unworthy. Dissolving barriers you will align with the life and love you desire.

This process is a key tool for personal and spiritual transformation. It will awaken your potential to experience your greatest deserving and optimise your ability to receive.

1 review for Deserving & Receiving Process MP3

  1. Eve McGee – Victoria

    “The Deserving & Receiving Process is wonderful. I felt my heart crack open and I felt myself travel into a beautiful divine light.”

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