Merging Into Her Liver, We Discover Her Intergenerational Trauma

Liver - past lives

It’s my intension to offer you a lens into some of the dynamic experiences my clients participate in during their personal consultations with me. So I hope this account offers a special glimpse into what’s truly possible and leaves you inspired by new insights and awareness.

I refer to the panoramic, multidimensional quantum field, as the Dreamscape. So as my client’s book a consultation with me, they hold an intention to better understand something in their life that’s challenging them. Then as we begin their consultation, the panoramic Dreamscape opens up and the hidden underlying causal influences are often revealed. My conscious awareness may then be taken into my client’s body, or into past lives they’ve had that remain presently influencing. My conscious awareness may also be taken through space and time to track intergenerational trauma pathways within families. Each session is always a profound journey, and a most sacred one as I feel truly blessed to be available as an instrument for higher wisdom, to offer guidance and insight to those on their journey of self-discovery.

So it was some months ago, that this particular client in the USA booked a phone consultation with me. She presented as a lovely, curious and receptive young woman. Essentially, as I began to delve into the causal layers of her current underlying health circumstances, the Dreamscape revealed previously unseen details and defined unknown explanations. As those elements are revealed to me, it’s my role to interpret them using my breadth of knowledge cultivated through three decades of personal and professional learning and experience, knowledge spanning the psychological to the metaphysical. I navigate the process through my willingness and my openness and my multisensory abilities, to receive the insights and understanding with clarity and objectivity. I intently listen as my interdimensional master spiritual teachers communicate and guide from their vantage point of higher conscious awareness. They have chosen their spiritual role as master teachers to serve and support our evolutionary journey here on earth.

Suddenly about half way through my client’s session, I became aware of a particularly unusual taste on my tongue. I paused to tell her that something significant was beginning to reveal. The very next moment I was clearly shown and I could strongly feel very dark and heavy old energy debris that held within her liver. I knew straight away it was energy debris from previous trauma. The sense of ‘knowing’ was undeniable.

During my consultations I’m taken into a heightened perceptual state of non-locality. No longer localised within my personal lower local narrative, I’m connected into the higher frequency of what I refer to as the Dreamscape, the dynamic, multidimensional quantum field of unified consciousness. It’s there that I’m able to access what I refer to as the Knowing Field.

So at the same moment that my client’s liver was revealed in the Dreamscape, my conscious awareness was immediately shifted deeper into her liver itself. My non-localised state had been further optimised, expanding me even more fully into the high frequency quantum field so as to enable my conscious awareness to be shifted more effortlessly into her body. Next I received a very strong knowing that there was a trauma pathway back through the generations within her family, and it was adversely affecting the functioning of her liver. I immediately knew the intergenerational trauma stemmed from her father’s side of the family. So I then began to map the intergenerational trauma pathway by drawing her family tree on the blank piece of paper on my clipboard in front of me.

Scanning energetically across to each family member, I’m able to locate those who’ve experienced significant trauma. Also, I’m often able to pick up what the nature of that trauma actually was, the emotional patterns, feelings and experiences.

So I began to hone in on her father’s parents as the trauma frequency was drawing me strongly in their direction. Then I asked her what had happened to them, as I knew they’d experienced significant trauma.

Within a few moments my client described her paternal grandfather’s experience as a German soldier and she shared details of how he was captured by the American soldiers during the final stages of WW2. The trauma felt dense and the stuck emotion was a potent mix of sadness, powerlessness and fear. The source of the intergenerational trauma stemmed from the tragedy of being a prisoner of war at the end of WW2, now almost eighty years ago, and still appeared to be active and influencing the health of her liver.

My conscious awareness was then taken more fully into her liver. I vividly felt and could see the liver right around me, which is always a profound feeling. I was being attuned to the consciousness of the liver itself.

Then various images rolled through my awareness. At first I was shown lemongrass and then I could see cranberries. Later a quick Google search revealed both being highly beneficial for optimum liver function. This was something I hadn’t known prior to this revelation. I listened, powerfully attuned to the consciousness of the liver itself, sharing insights with my client about the emotions and emotional patterning and the liver’s inhibited functioning.

Then suddenly my Australian indigenous spirit guides revealed in the Dreamscape. My conscious awareness was then immediately and effortlessly shifted across the continuum, becoming localised within the Australian native bushland. In a state of unified consciousness that I refer to as the divine ‘we,’  the indigenous spiritual elders and I ‘sung to’ my client’s liver, with a unified intention for it to remember and align with its optimum state of wellness. I refer to this beautiful ceremonial singing as ‘the Singing Of The Ancients.’

Essentially, we were clearing the imprint of the intergenerational trauma and decommissioning the trauma’s energetic influence so that we could then energetically and spiritually close off that influence through space and time. The energy transmissions were potent and my experience as a unified, unconditionally loving conscious collective, was as always, deeply transcendent. My client could feel the effect of it, even across the almost seven-thousand, five hundred miles between where I was located in Sydney, Australia, and her home in Los Angeles, USA. I realise to some people experiences such as these stretch them way too far out of their known reality, their old paradigm that safely cocoons them in a world predictable and known. There was once a time where I was happily ensconced in that same predictable and known worldview, until it was time for me to wake up to the power and potential of the unknown. It was then that I had to find the courage and commitment required to journey through the mystery of the unknown, as it took me onto pathways that were undefined, uncertain and unpredictable. Once my journey was begun however, I became rapidly aware of the vast complexities of non-ordinary levels of experience. I’d been woken up in profound ways and my life, most fortunately, would never be the same again.

I send you great love 💖

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