Finding Viable Navigation When Life’s Challenges Seem Insurmountable

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Living life as an adult when you’ve had significant adversity in your formative years is like living life on quicksand. You look around you at those who have, those whose lives seem to be where you want yours to be, and the grand divide between where you are and where you want to be, seems stunningly unreachable. What happens at that point? You either shut down into emotional flooding and feel helpless and hopeless or you frantically do, do, do, like a wildfire is chasing you and you’re fighting for your survival. Both of these reactions are unhelpful yet understandable. This is what I refer to as living life in ‘activated wound.’ You’re stuck in your emotional wounds, the patterns and programming created by your early adversity, and you’re held hostage by their limiting narrative. It’s painful and it’s not prosperous and you want to find your way through the maze but you can’t seem to find a viable navigation system.

In my sessions I often describe the hardship that early trauma creates for you, in terms of what trajectory it sets you up to live on. Imagine a graph. The left vertical side represents the years you’ve lived. The right horizonal side represents your adverse experiences. Imagine each of those moments of adversity you had in your growing up years plotted on that graph. Perhaps your mother was abusive, perhaps your sister bullied you, perhaps a grandparent was physically or sexually abusive. Perhaps your parents just didn’t have time for you, you didn’t feel like you belonged, or you never felt valued. Each of those painful moments acts as a depth charge that pushes you further out onto a different and difficult life trajectory, out into what I refer to as the ‘outback.’ Not only do these experiences adversely affect your brain and store the trauma in your body, but they then dictate your experience of yourself and your life as an adult. So as an adult, you operate out in that far right side of the graph in the ‘outback’ of your life experience. This is often a place of hardship, of suffering and separateness. You’re not effectively connected to the universal internet out there so the answers you seek seem inaccessible; your challenges seem inescapable. You’re in survival mode and the clock is ticking and the pressure is on and you feel far away from the life experiences you long for.

Now, imagine in contrast those who haven’t had such a challenging early life landscape, who haven’t had such significant adversity as children and teenagers. These adults are on a different life trajectory, moving up the left hand side of the graph, zooming along on what I refer to as life’s ‘freeway of possibility.’ You look across to those people who seem to be where you want to be, as you flounder for your weekly rental or wonder how you’re going to cope now you’ve lost your job, or you’ve just had the diagnosis or the loss of a partner or child and you’re wondering what you did to deserve all this hardship and suffering.  

There is a way to better understand these obstacles, and to move beyond the hardships life brings, a way to be effectively navigated by a spiritual GPS that enables you to elevate from the lower localised state of Wound that perpetuates the experience of your early trauma. There is a way for you to be compassionately and powerfully guided and consciously elevated into a higher state I refer to as, Warrior, and from there enable you to access the power and potential of your optimal state of Wisdom and truth.

My phone or video sessions with my master spiritual teachers, angels and I, offer you a potent GPS navigation system to guide you out of the ‘outback’ of your challenging experiences and up onto the freeway of possibility. Think of us as a remote higher consciousness drone that can operate above and beyond your state of entrapment, no matter where you are located in the world. Think of that drone as being operated by a spiritual team who have multidimensional access and multisensory abilities to be able to see higher levels of understanding and truth to use to your advantage. We source the deeper meaning for you, to quickly show you how you came to be where you are and illuminate how to break free of what holds you there. Think of us as your awakened lens, your spiritual navigators for your soul, to air lift you up through the higher unified field of potential to effectively navigate you to where you want to be, so you can live the experiences you desire.

My master spiritual teachers and I look forward to navigating you soon.

I send you great love 💖

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