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“Elizabeth is such a true and profound healer on so many levels.

She helped pinpoint the origin of our family trauma and helped me understand where we’re at in our lives and how to move forward.

Elizabeth’s spiritual connection is amazing and allows her to work across so many dimensions.

I really felt seen by her at such a deep level, especially when she sensed the wounds I hadn’t even acknowledged. Elizabeth also shared her gift of medical intuition with us when we really needed it. I am so grateful to her.”

Jan, Melbourne

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Consultations - A Premium Service

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Within any premium consultation, Elizabeth will draw upon a range of multi-sensory skills that would have her communicate with the angels and her master spiritual teachers. Unified in purpose, they provide deeper insight about your soul’s journey and more effectively navigate you through your everyday challenges. Throughout the consultation Elizabeth will use her potent psychic abilities combined with her psychological knowledge to access the pivotal insights you require.

As required Elizabeth may also use her unique energy medicine skills, working with those in the spirit world who are more evolved and advanced in knowledge and practice. In a rare inter-dimensional partnership they may work with Elizabeth, to enhance you spiritually and energetically.

Elizabeth’s full range of higher sensory perceptive skills and abilities and her decades of professional expertise are available in this premium service.
Your consultation with Elizabeth may include:

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Psychic Guidance - Readings

“During WW2 my grandmother would often do tarot and tea cup readings for her female friends. Then when I was in my late twenties and in the early days of my spiritual awakening, I was drawn to buy a set of tarot cards. By using my tarot deck, I gained a tangible way of working more visually with the unseen.”


With laser focus on key issues, Elizabeth and her spiritual guides will navigate you through specific situations where you need more direct practical insight. After repeated requests from clients who’d experienced the powerful insight and clarity revealed by Elizabeth’s guidance using tarot, she has now chosen to offer psychic guidance readings to bring you hope and understanding in a world that has become increasingly uncertain. 

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These sessions offer brief solution-focused counselling and mindfulness based therapeutic interventions to empower you to better navigate challenges and change arising in your personal or professional life. Without deepening into the wisdom from the spiritual realm, these sessions focus on providing practical insight, knowledge, skills and tools to ease you through family, relationship, career, health or parenting issues.

Elizabeth’s extensive experience as a Clinical Social Worker and Counsellor in public health and higher education and in private practice will offer you the safety and expertise you need to heal and integrate your past and cultivate greater resilience and empowerment.

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Qualifications and Clinical Experience

Elizabeth holds a BSW from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

Elizabeth is a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers

Elizabeth has held professional positions
at the following organisations:

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