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Having sessions with Elizabeth has changed my life in such significant and positive ways. I think everyone should see Elizabeth and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Elizabeth’s style of therapy and her way of helping me to heal has made me feel whole again. As a result of the work I’ve done with Elizabeth, my dating life has transformed, my relationships with family and friends have improved, my boundaries are stronger and I’m better at recognising and communicating my needs. I’m kinder to myself now and I’m able to face any challenges with more confidence and grace.

Psychologists I’d seen previously, had provided what really was a short term band-aide, but in the long term, I found my issues would just show up again. Elizabeth’s therapeutic style was able to provide deeper insight and skills to enable me to move beyond those issues and into what feels like the very best version of myself.

Seeing Elizabeth has been life changing for me.

Katie Dyson – Psychologist, Management Consultant

Supporting you to feel heard, to find comfort, to embody confidence and ultimately to recover your personal freedom








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About Elizabeth

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Elizabeth lives her life mindfully and consciously. She appreciates meaning and metaphor in all she does. She was born and raised in a country town in NSW and now lives in Sydney, Australia. Music, trees, art, architecture and dogs bring her great joy. But a deep love and regard for children inspires her daily. After finishing high school, Elizabeth moved to Sydney and completed her formal tertiary study at the University of New South Wales. Then she worked clinically for many years in public health and tertiary education and in her private practice. For the last twenty-eight years Elizabeth has been committed to live a life where her personal development and deep inner healing have been a personal priority. So she brings the richness of her own experience and wisdom she’s gained to all her sessions. Having explored to the depths of her own early trauma and discovered the deeper meaning within her own life challenges, Elizabeth has cultivated a special way of holding space for those who choose to work with her, that many describe as deeply compassionate,
authentic and wise.
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Consulting Services

Premium Sessions

In a Premium Session Elizabeth uses a more holistic lens. The process is dynamic and multifaceted. She will offer you concise and empowering insights, meaningful and transformative wisdom and practical tools and skills to apply in your everyday life.

Those more familiar with Elizabeth’s sessions and seminars throughout the last twenty-five years would book the Premium Sessions.

**The following fees are in Australian dollars

60 minute (audio) – $180

90 minute (audio) – $240

60 minute (video) – $220

90 minute (video) – $280

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Counselling Sessions

If you are looking for a compassionate space to gain insights, support, new skills and understanding, then a counselling session with Elizabeth may be for you. At various times throughout our lives we will all face change and challenges. At such times we need a safe and comforting support person to guide us from the intensity and overwhelm, into greater clarity and understanding.


Elizabeth offers mindfulness based therapeutic interventions to empower you with the skills and insights to better navigate challenges and changes in your personal and professional life. Elizabeth’s tertiary training and extensive experience as a Clinical Social Worker in public health and higher education and as a Professional Counsellor and Therapist in private practise, reassuringly offers you the safety and expertise you need.

**The following fees are in Australian dollars

60 minute (audio) – $120

90 minute (audio) – $180

60 minute (video) – $160

90 minute (video) – $220

**Please note that Elizabeth does not offer a Medicare or Private Health fund rebate, however she has significantly reduced the cost of her sessions to offer a comparable post rebate fee.

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Relationship Issues Conflict at work Adjustment to Diagnosis Recovery from Illness or Injury
Anxiety / Depression Relaxation / Meditation Preparation for Surgery Grief / Loss
Separation / Divorce Pain management Death / Dying Early trauma
Pregnancy / Birth Parenting Suicide Coping skills
Study Issues Self esteem Family conflict Stress
Ancestral Trauma Domestic Violence Aged Care Sleep Issues


Elizabeth’s Clinical Role in Corporate Australia

Elizabeth is a clinician within one of the largest psychological services companies in Australia.
Delivering compassionate and insightful psychotherapeutic interventions,
Elizabeth supports employees, managers and senior executives throughout corporate Australia.
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Years in Practice:




34 Years

Bachelor of Social Work degree

University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Elizabeth is a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers

Elizabeth has held professional positions
at the following organisations:

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