Elizabeth Robinson

There are No Goodbyes

In this deeply moving account, Elizabeth shares her extraordinary path to self-awareness. Tracing her journey from practicing privately and in hospitals in Australia, to living and working in the U.S., and returning to Sydney, she outlines experiences with clients and colleagues who have passed, and the insight and comfort that those experiences provide to those still living.

There Are No Goodbyes firmly makes the case that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The phenomenal accounts in this book help us realize that there is no need to fear death, as we are all immortal and innately spiritual beings, connected eternally by the power of unconditional love!


Deserving & Receiving Process MP3

Listen to a sample:

Deserving & Receiving Process MP3

Includes a 20 Minutes guided visual and energetic process with inspiring and uplifting music backing.

The Deserving and Receiving Process is a special spiritual process. It has been divinely given to Elizabeth as an essential tool to connect you with a higher loving intelligence and infinite power we might call luminous consciousness. The process is essentially an antidote to limiting inner beliefs of being unworthy. Dissolving barriers you will align with the life and love you desire.

This process is a key tool for personal and spiritual transformation. It will awaken your potential to experience your greatest deserving and optimise your ability to receive.


“Elizabeth’s gorgeous energy and love shine through during this truly beautiful process. Her calming voice accompanied by angelic music guides you on a healing journey. I found myself open up to healing, releasing old blockages and allowing myself to receive. I felt energy flow through my body as I experienced oneness and peace. A wave of unconditional love entered my heart. When I opened my eyes, I was in a state of bliss and everything was clearer. This renewed positive feeling lasted throughout my day. I highly recommend this process which I now do regularly.”  

~ Vickie Teudt, Australia