Retreats with Elizabeth Robinson

Are you looking for a unique and transformative get-away experience that offers deep restoration? With professionally and holistically designed elements to empower and inspire you? Are you seeking opportunities within your retreat for personal discovery in beautiful locations that enhance your wellness experience?

Elizabeth’s retreats offer bespoke programs that provide sanctuaries for renewal, where you can take time for personal development and spiritual discovery to ignite unrealised potential.

Captivating locations in beautiful natural settings are chosen for Elizabeth’s retreats to enhance the power and potency of your retreat experience. You can be assured that all elements are optimised and synergised to create a very special space for alignment of mind, body and spirit.

Being on retreat with Elizabeth gives you an exclusive experience of her extraordinary wisdom and insight and her unique higher perceptual abilities to take you beyond limitations to a place of potential and higher purpose. In a deeply supportive atmosphere she will hold-space for you with great compassion and gentleness.

Elizabeth will awaken your potential to experience the most realised version of yourself so you can live a life of greater connection and deeper meaning.

Elizabeth Robinson

Upcoming Retreats:

Awaken to the Dreaming

Far North Queensland

A 5-Day Transformative Retreat Silky Oaks Lodge, Mossman, Far North Queensland

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Spirit of Wellness Retreat

Maui, Hawaii

A 5-Day Restorative Retreat where you will discover the Spirit of Wellness within you! Join me in Hawaii for this Transformative retreat.

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What people have said about the retreats...

"Elizabeth had created a sanctuary within a sanctuary. The location and layout of the accommodation was breathtaking. The locally sourced fresh food and freshly prepared meals were nutritious and delicious.  Her Enter the Dreaming Retreat was incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. Elizabeth’s unique approach to therapy and her skilled team provide a holistic approach to healing that I found very beneficial. I finally had an opportunity to just stop and be and breathe.  Thank you Elizabeth. Your retreat enabled me to return to my stressful life, and make a very positive difference. And that difference was actually life changing.”

- Lara K, Businesswoman, Sydney, Australia

"My husband and I operate a fast-growing medium size business which is involved in construction, training and social enterprise. For a long time we wanted to find someone to consult with across business, personal and spiritual issues. Recently a friend told us about Elizabeth Robinson’s expertise in working with professional people like us who are juggling too much and struggling to understand the why of life’s daily challenges. We committed to a private weekend retreat with Elizabeth where she would work with us individually and as a couple. It was brilliant. It provided a very safe and healing environment to discuss difficult and sensitive topics that we sometime fear to tread. I highly recommend Elizabeth Robinson to anyone wishing to understand who and what they are. Elizabeth assists you to find a calmer and kinder place to operate from, so that you can know the essence of who you are and become stronger, wiser and kinder to live as your true self.”

- Sarah M, Business Owner, Melbourne, Australia

“I created these retreats because I'm passionately committed to assisting you to cultivate a life of wholeness and meaning. I look forward to having you on my next retreat. ” ~ Elizabeth Robinson