“Even in our most challenging times the universe brings people and events to light our way, to remind us of the higher spiritual truth that love is always available. Moments of fear and self-doubt can become opportunities to know and heal ourselves more deeply, to integrate the aspects of ourselves still beholden to past painful experiences. In doing so, we are set free. Our love and acceptance of ourselves become our liberation.
And that liberation is our homecoming.”

- Excerpt from There Are No Goodbyes, Elizabeth Robinson
Hay House Publishers

There Are No Goodbyes

Elizabeth Robinson

From a young age, trained counsellor, Elizabeth Robinson, was aware of being able to sense and know beyond the five senses.

Her ability to see ‘beyond the veil’ into the spiritual realm has allowed her to effectively illuminate and articulate what holds people back from expressing their true potential.

We live in a society that teaches us that contact with those who have passed does not exist; we have a medical model that, for the most part, labels these as aberrant experiences, is finite and, frequently, judgmental. In her work, Elizabeth combines conventional wisdom with knowledge gleaned from beyond the physical.

In this deeply moving account, Elizabeth shares her extraordinary path to self-awareness. Tracing her journey from practicing privately and in hospitals in Australia, to living and working in the U.S., and returning to Sydney, she outlines experiences with clients and colleagues who have passed, and the insight and comfort that those experiences provide to those still living.

There Are No Goodbyes firmly makes the case that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The phenomenal accounts in this book help us realize that there is no need to fear death, as we are all immortal and innately spiritual beings, connected eternally by the power of unconditional love!


What people are saying about There Are No Goodbyes:

"There Are No Goodbyes offers an inspiring and powerful illustration of the higher meaning and purpose of choice in our lives and the endless support and compassion always available. Told with joy and humility, this deeply moving story is a beautiful and life changing read."

- Katie Thorncraft, Psychologist

Reader Reviews:

“I couldn’t put the book down!” Chenin Bell

“A life-changing read offering true hope for humankind.” Rachel Wilson

“Unique and eye-opening revelations about the spirit realm.” Linda Russo

“A must read!” Michelle Keat

Elizabeth Robinson, Author

Praise for Elizabeth Robinson

Anne Looby

“I’ve been fortunate enough to experience Elizabeth's gifts for many years and I’m incredibly grateful for her connectedness and integrity. I’ve gained great solace and insights for my life and for those I love. I always leave Elizabeth with a renewed sense of hope, peace and faith in my journey. Sharing her insights and wisdom through her writing, means even more people will now be blessed by her gifts. Gratitude and blessings abound.”

- Anne Looby, Actress, Australia

Elizabeth Robinson, Author

“Elizabeth Robinson is a gifted intuitive and coach with an unusual ability to transcend and transform. She sees into realms we can only imagine, shining light, guidance and wonder wherever she treads on her adventures into the deep here and now and to the great beyond.”

- David Frances
Author: Stray Dog Winter &
Wedding Bush Road
Lawyer, Academic, Los Angeles

Elizabeth Robinson, Author

"Elizabeth Robinson is like a breath of fresh air. Her work is special on every level! I love her sessions and her insights. They give clarity and guidance and encouragement in a warm and nurturing atmosphere. She has an incredible gift and is able to marry her background as a professional counsellor with a very special ability to communicate with spirit. In so doing she brings to the table her unique approach to healing. I can't wait to read her book when it’s released in September 2017."

- Dr Mary Cormack, Sydney, Australia

Elizabeth Robinson, Author