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A Warm Welcome...

Elizabeth will hold-space for you with warmth and compassion so you feel empowered and inspired. There are various options available to consult with her including audio, video and in-person. Choose from the different options in the booking panel below.

Elizabeth has clients throughout the world so our automated booking system will show you the rates in Australian dollars and our built in currency converter will show the value in your own currency. Our automated booking system allows you to easily book in for the session times that suit your needs and pay prior to your session with ease. There is no need to email first, just go ahead and book a day, time and method that suits you.

At this time Elizabeth is based in Sydney, Australia, on the Lower North side and offers business hours and after-hours session times throughout the world.

“I really look forward to accompanying you on your journey of personal discovery. It is one of my greatest joy’s to be able to hold-space for my clients to enable them to access their potential, gain clarity, feel empowered and heal from past limitations.
Come join me soon for your special journey of self-discovery.”
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“Last week I had a consultation with Elizabeth via phone. I have suffered with Depression for most of my life and over the past 3 years have virtually been housebound with chronic fatigue etc. Since my session I feel happy, enthusiastic and am now looking forward to each day. My meditations are much deeper, my spiritual experiences have been enhanced. My energy levels have improved to the point where I have resumed hobbies that were put aside 3 years ago and my zest for life has returned. Thank you so much Elizabeth for your time and the results I have achieved.” Eve McGee, Victoria
“Elizabeth is a kind and authentic soul with incredible intuitive gifts; a spiritual healer. I was at a major transition in my life when I met Elizabeth, a time where I felt my heart and head were one big scribble. Both her practical and intuitive guidance helped me to disrupt established patterns that were no longer serving me. I began to feel positive change, a stillness in my soul that brought peace to my entire being. This eventually allowed me to move forward and step into my authentic self. Elizabeth has been an absolute blessing to my life … a breath of fresh air.” Dr Tamara Buhagiar, Queensland, Australia
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Make A Booking

Please note that prices shown below are in Australian dollars
Feel free to use our built in currency convertor

***Elizabeth apologises to all those who would like to see her in-person at this time, however she has chosen to offer her supportive and inspiring consultations by phone and video only at this time***

Currency Symbols

Currency Converter

From :
To :
  1.  Enter the value to convert in the top field
  2. Australian Dollars are the default “From” currency
  3. Select your currency in the “To” field
  4.  Click the CONVERT button.

The result is displayed at the top under the title


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How to make a Booking

  • Choose the type of session you wish to book.
  • Enter your time zone (city) and click on SET TIME ZONE (underneath).
  • The Calendar will appear and you can click on the date you are available.
  • The Calendar will list all times available on that date.
  • Choose the time that suits you.
  • Complete the form including Skype details or FaceTime ID.
  • Follow the payment instructions to pay for your session.
  • A receipt will be sent to you via email
  • Elizabeth will call you (audio or video) using your platform of choice on the day and time you have chosen.
  • Elizabeth will also receive a receipt of your booking and have all your details available to her immediately. If she needs to rearrange the booking, for whatever reason, she will email you prior to your session.
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The currency convertor is provided to give you an approximation of price in your currency.  It is a separate application and does not connect to the booking system. Once you see the cost using the currency convertor, then you can proceed using the above steps.

By making use of this booking facility you agree to the following rules and conditions.

Email Notification

You will receive a confirmation email once a booking is made and a reminder email 2 days before the event or appointment.


Cancellation of a personal consultation booking is permitted prior to 24 hours of the start time.

If cancellation is made prior to the limitations stated above you will receive a refund less 10% processing fee – unless the appointment is re-booked.

If cancellation is made after the available period then the whole fee will be forfeit.


Prior to the appropriate cancellation limitation you may re-book an appointment without any financial penalty.

Currency Symbols
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How to Use the Currency Converter

  1.  Enter the value of the consultation or event in the top box (AUD)
  2. Select your preferred currency from the bottom drop-down – “To”
  3. The resulting value is shown at the bottom

The rates are updated daily and should be considered approximate