Simple Moments of Loving Connection

Simple Moments of Loving Connection

I love what I do. And I love what I do because I am taken beyond the everyday and into the fascinating world that is invisible to most. The interdimensional world around us and within each one of us is exceptional in unimaginable ways. Having abilities that allow me to see, sense and know beyond the five senses, brings me into the most wonderful of experiences and allows me to share the most special and heart-warming moments.

Over the last month since the Hay House Online World Summit I have been increasingly busy consulting with women and some men, from around the world. It’s been so very special and always fascinating. About ten days ago a woman in the USA booked a consultation with me. This time the session was by phone. I just love phone sessions because they seem to allow me to effortlessly sink into the mystery that surrounds us all and to easily access the invisible layers within the dreamscape as it dynamically reveals. Phone sessions can be very potent and intimate because we are not distracted by the computer screens and the limitations of technology.

I’m going to refer to my lovely client as Shelley. Shelley was detailing to me the events that led her to consult with me. Her father had recently died and her family had sadly become estranged. For her session I had decided to seat myself on the sofa, propped up by several comfy cushions, facing the floor to ceiling windows and the views beyond. As Shelley described her challenging life experiences, I revealed deeper insights and wisdom often revealed within the dreamscape, providing insight, illumination and empowerment. Shelley was a really lovely woman who had searched and experienced a great deal in her life and who was a professionally qualified health practitioner and a sensitive caring soul.

Suddenly the energy environment opened further and more vividly, revealing a tall elderly gentle man walking into the room straight through my glass balcony doors and into the room right opposite me. He effortlessly seated himself in my 1920’s antique cane chair that I had literally just had delivered to the apartment as it had recently been restored. With two cosy cushions for extra comfort it was a special favourite of mine.

I knew this man must have been Shelley’s father and my descriptions seemed to resonate with her. Intrigued by his familiarity with my chair and a strong sense of knowing within me that there was a special reason he had seated himself there, I decided to share with Shelley the story of how I came to have the chair in my possession.

My antique cane chair was once my grandfather’s chair, at his holiday home my father’s family had on the south coast of New South Wales, here in Australia. Several years ago when my aunt died, I chose the chair amongst other special things from her estate. Recently I had found a wonderful woman to repair and restore the cane and bring the chair back to its original radiance. Now, here was this man I had never met, who had lived on the other side of the world, occupying my antique chair like he had known it all his life. I had to know why.

Shelley’s voice lowered and with an obvious intrigue and delight, she replied: “My mother and father lived in a large old house in Mississippi, with a large veranda and two lovely old antique cane chairs with comfortable cushions just like you describe. They would sit out the front of our home in those two cane chairs and relax and talk and enjoy the view. So that would be why my father is so familiar with your lovely chair. It’s just like his.”

What I loved about this moment was the intertwining of stories. The memory I treasure of my father and his father sitting in this chair, sharing time and sharing stories, connection and laughter. Here was Shelley’s father who had enjoyed the same beautiful simple moments of connection and love with his wife in his antique cane chair, remembering those precious moments now as he sat so comfortably in my chair here in Sydney.

More than any other insights and wisdom those from the afterlife share with me, the simplest moments of loving connection are the ones they truly value the most. So in light of the on-going tragedies in the UK, the loss of life and the trauma and suffering for all affected, I felt to write this story to remind us all that life here is so precious and truly only so brief, especially for some, and that beyond our lives here, life continues on, and love never ever dies.

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