Delving Deep into the Mystery

Delving Deep into the Mystery

Hello beautiful people. For the last few days I have been enjoying consulting with more wonderful women from the USA, the UK and others from right here in Australia. I wanted to offer you a taste of what unfolds during my sessions, when the Dreamscape opens up to reveal what my client needs to know. My awareness often travels into the body, into past lives presently influencing, through time to track trauma pathways within families - its always an exciting journey, and I feel truly blessed to be available to offer guidance and insight.

This morning I supported a client in the USA who was such a lovely open and receptive young woman. Essentially as I began to delve into the causal layers of her current underlying circumstances, I began to unearth unseen details and define unknown explanations. Suddenly about half way through her phone session, I became aware of a particular taste on my tongue. I paused, telling her something significant was revealing itself. The very next moment I was clearly shown and I could feel a dark heavy old trauma within this organ.

Being in a heightened perceptual state during my sessions, I am connected with what I refer to as The Knowing Field. So at that moment of her liver revealing and my deeper connection into her liver, I received a very strong knowing that this was a trauma pathway back through generations in her family, expressing through her liver. I immediately knew it was from her father’s side of the family.

I asked her about her father’s parents, what had happened to them, as I felt they had experienced significant trauma. Within a few moments my client described her grandfather’s experience as a German soldier and being captured by the Americans during the final stages of WW2. There it was, the source of the trauma influencing the health of her liver. With too much detail and not enough space here to adequately share the full detail of her session, my consciousness was then taken directly into the liver more fully. It was as if I was standing within her liver itself. Images rolled through – first lemongrass then I could see cranberries – a quick Google search revealing both being highly beneficial for optimum liver function, something I hadn’t known prior to this revealing to me. I listened as the liver “spoke” to me sharing insights about its inhibited functioning, and then my indigenous spirit helpers appeared to ‘sing’ it back to wellness by clearing the energy and decommissioning the trauma’s influence. The energy was powerful and the experience magical.

I realise to some people experiences such as these stretch them way too far out of their known reality, their comfortable paradigm. There was once a time where I was happily ensconced in a limited understanding of the greater reality too, and I was unaware of the vast complexities and non-ordinary levels of experience. Then I was woken up in ways profound and my life was never to be the same. Those experiences in my remarkable journey to begin to see, sense and ultimately know the greater reality are about to be shared in my new book: There Are No Goodbyes, soon to launch internationally with Hay House Publishers.

The greater mystery of life is ever present and all it takes is willingness and intention to discover so much more than we could ever know … much love to all.

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