Angels of Love

Angels of Love

My daughter would have only been about ten years old. She was in one of her moods; sullen and broody. She disappeared into the upstairs bathroom that had two doors, one that led out into the hallway, and one into my bedroom. I sat on my bed, expectant of her arrival. I waited. Suddenly she walked into my room from the hallway, her attention immediately drawn towards the door to the bathroom. Something had caught her eye. She smiled, amused. 

Then began to giggle, then laugh. What was it she was seeing? "Jessie, I can't see whatever that is but I can certainly feel the energy of it. What's happening?" I asked with openness and wonderment at what was clearly taking place. "It's an angel," she said without any hesitation, "and he's doing a funny dance, jiggling his wings up and down." It was then that the dreamscape opened more fully and I could see the angel walking some steps to the right, jiggle, jiggle, then some steps to the left, jiggle, jiggle. He had Jessica so entertained and so light of heart that she forgot her mood and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. Grateful for Angels :-)

Much love everyone ...

Elizabeth R

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