Angels Amongst Us

Angels Amongst Us

A few weeks ago I was facilitating my women's transformation group and taking my participants into a lovely relaxed state. They were seated in a semi-circle, eyes closed, light's dimmed. I began to speak of the angels, of the love the angels have for us all and I guided the group to call in their angels to feel their love and support. All of a sudden I was awe struck by the sight of eight angels stepping forward in unison, one behind each of my participants and two behind one particular woman. The room was filled with ethereal light and yet such a powerful feeling of love. The most beautiful part of this spectacle was the honour the angels carried in their hearts as they stepped forward. They seemed so deeply proud that they had been acknowledged, yet a pride that was humble and deeply and infinitely loving.

At 3am that night I was woken up and immediately sensed the angels were beside my bed. And for the next 45 minutes they communicated with me about the role of the angels and the work they wanted me to do for them. 

Since that time the angels have been appearing with great regularity. Even as I was meeting with a friend of mine at the Westin Hotel here in Sydney last night, an angel appeared and moved in very close to us, standing so close I could sense the fabric of his garment, see his soft, loving and gentle hands. It was so moving and so special.

We are never alone. The angels are always there reminding us of how magnificent we truly all are, how loved we are and how they are there to assist us to rise strong from adversity. I feel so deeply blessed that I have the ability of second sight to see, sense and know the unseen and to be a bridge for everyone to know how truly blessed we all are by these beautiful winged messengers of love.

Just now I spoke out to the angels as I was writing and told them I was writing about them because I loved them so very much. As I sat back and looked at my blog article, suddenly out of my peripheral vision to my left, a flash of light revealed a beautiful angel, a female angel, so deeply loving, so soft and gentle. I was immediately filled with joy and began to cry, telling the angel how much I loved her, how I loved the angels so very much.
It was then she began to communicate with me, and through me to you all. This is what I heard:

"We are here to help, to teach, to support you. It is our role of higher service. We are filled with joy to be able to guide you as you live through the challenges you have in your lives. We want you all to know we are present with you, we take care of you. You are not forgotten. Be at peace."

Much love to all :-)

Elizabeth R

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