A Message From Beyond

A Message From Beyond

Recently I had been texting and connecting with a close friend of mine who is Estonian. Moments later I suddenly noticed a significant strengthening of my connection with Luminous Consciousness, the greater divine energy field that connects us all. At the same time there was an amplification of a divine feeling of spiritual love.

Whenever that happens I automatically look up to the sky, across and around, with such deep reverence for the divine field I refer to as luminous consciousness. It’s almost like a homecoming, a welcoming in, a natural exuberance one might feel upon unexpectedly meeting a loved one or close friend. I felt radiant, blessed and deeply grateful.

Then I distinctly heard a woman speaking to me in Russian. I also had a strong knowing this was the sister of my Estonian friend who suddenly and tragically passed over about six or seven years ago; her sudden and unexpected death around Christmas time. I sent a text to my friend asking if her sister spoke Russian. Her reply: "Yes, better than I did, actually." 

And this is what her sister communicated to me. I heard the message in English: "There is no suffering here. Not anywhere. Only knowledge. Knowledge is everywhere."

What I found interesting was that she gained my attention by speaking Russian as it was familiar to me, more familiar than Estonian. That was clever as it confirmed to me and to her sister who was communicating. I also found interesting her reference to knowledge being available everywhere, rather than suffering. As we know, wisdom stems suffering. As we gain insight and wisdom, our suffering can be transformed. With the higher perceptual abilities I am so blessed to live with, I have the ability to know things, to download that insight and wisdom from the surrounding field. 

Just as our incredible First Nations people, who could know, see and sense the same way, I am able to live in a way that is attuned to the higher currents of possibility, to the knowing field. The multisensory and multidimensional way I live now is enormously beneficial to my life and to the lives of those who seek counsel with me. I believe much of what is experienced in the afterlife is what we are moving towards as a lived experience here on earth. May it be so.

Much love,

Elizabeth R 

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